Welcome to Jungdongjin Sun Cruise Resort

The place where you can see the most beautiful sunrise in the world,
where you can finally feel the most relaxed,
and a place so magnificent that you will not be able to capture all of the impressive moments with your camera.
The Sun Cruise Resort & Yacht located on the wonderful natural coast
of Jeongdongjin is a premium cruise resort on land that perfectly captures the sun rise as you bask in elegant relaxation.

Sun Cruise Resort & Yacht that designs the special trip of our customers is comprised of a cozy and diversified hotel and
resort type rooms, the Horizon restaurant where you can enjoy appetizing Korean and Western dishes cooked by special chefs,
the rotating sky lounge for special meetings with important people, the yacht club house which invites you to take in all the beautiful oceans around the world,
the sailboat sushi restaurant situated in the middle of the sea offering a fantastic East Sea view, the private beach prepared only for our customers,
and the romantic and charming buildings in the shape of a ship which are greatly loved by our romantic guests.
Also, many different facilities are present including the karaoke and seawater pool, while a total of seven large and
small-sized banquet halls are perfect places for you to hold various seminars and workshops.
The trail along the beach is the best location to observe nature’s mesmerizing sunrise beyond the East Sea,
while clean natural products supported by a strong sea breeze are prepared so our customers can create the most amazing memories.
Now, all of your dreams can be realized on the stunning inland cruise ship Sun Cruise.

Yours sincerely, General Manager